Kara-Kata Afrobeat Society of Canada


The Kara-Kata Afrobeat Society of Canada is a  multicultural/ multi ethnic, fully inclusive group of musicians and artistic dancers/ performers. 

A nonprofit society registered provincially since September 4 , 2017

 Society Purposes 

  • To promote music and dance from an African Canadian perspective
  • To develop, support and promote local and young talents in music, dance and other artistic performances.
  • To exhibit Afrobeat music and dance to local, national and international audiences
  • To create and develop new forms of Afrobeat music mixing different musical genres from Africa, the Americas and all of the African diaspora. 
  • To create a vibrant and sustainable musical and dance culture informed by the Afrobeat tradition.
  • To cater to the diverse landscape that reflects the multicultural mosaic of Canada, irrespective of race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality/sexual orientation, religion, class or ability/disability.
  • To provide programming and experiences for the Canadian and African Canadian communities to bring adults and young people back to a love, appreciation, and reverence for nature and farming. 
  • To educate the African Canadian community on sustainable farming practices to be implemented in Canada and Africa. 

Projects, programming, events

  • We arrange, promote, and organize all manner of cultural exchanges, be it music, dance, and interdisciplinary cultural show, festivals, expos, exhibitions, festivals, etc.
  • We organize academic conferences, workshops, symposia, business conferences and teach-ins, etc.
  • We promote and organize special African and Canadian national cultural festivals, workshops, conferences, teach-ins, etc.


We will be visiting and performing in some venues in the capital of the following states. i.e. Lagos, Ondo, Ekitiand in Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja.

Kara-Kata Afro Beat Group of Canada prides itself as having one of the best instrumentalists in Canada and thus we plan to have a workshop session dedicated at giving back to the very talented young Nigerians who will also be beneficiaries of brand new autographed instruments they major on during the tour.


  • The 50 Acres Plus Project is a KaraKata Afrobeat Society Initiative which is basically about giving back to the society via agriculture.
  • We recently acquire a 50 acre of fertile land in Iropora, Ekitistate, though part of the land were donated by the traditional rulers of the community. We plan to run different projects on the land as follows which is all focused on giving back:
  • Knowledge Transfer: we will share practical knowledge on farming in the 21st century with qualified present and aspiring farmers that will be selected from a pool of entries that will be announced later, we will explain to them what can be done to boost their produce using the modern day and internationally recognized organic way of farming and also healthy livestock.
  • Mentorship and Grant: the 50 acre will be shared amongst them and they will be mentored over a period time.
  • Our C.E.O has many years of experience in Mechanized farming thus he will also speak on “Farming, A Pathway to Food Sufficiency in Africa”.

50 ACRES PROJECT main focus are:

  • To educate the farmers and the entire Nigerian populace on the unlimited benefits of Mechanized Organic Farming.
  • Empower the Youths for self sufficiency both in food and diary productions and employment.
  • Job Creations both for the prospective farmers and other workers on the farm.
  • Environmental Awareness, as we will also be educating them on how to keep their environment safe and habitable.
  • Outreach & Support for the old folks and children and also the disabled.
  • The benefits are immense, but most importantly we believe it will empower the youths.
  • It will divert the youths attention from being used as political thugs as they will be productively engaged on the farm.

 Goals – 1 yr, 3 yr, 5 yr

Development Plans

  • To acquire farm land/property in the Lower Mainland, BC to be set up as the home base for the society where much of the local programming and farming will be implemented from. 
  • Africa projects

Yoruba World Festival

  • Nigerian children are making talking drums and all types of African percussion instruments, 
  • goals 
    • to bring the instruments here to sell and to give exposure to their talents in music and creating the instruments
    • to showcase these children – most are girls and underprivileged – and the amazing things they are doing, to empower them
    • bringing together people from all over who are part of the Yoruba community
  • the festival will have Yoruba musicians, food, culture etc.
  • Yoruba culture is in many places around the world
  • this kind of event has never been done before 
  • Partnerships: Academic, Non-profit, Performance/ Music, Agr, Int'l

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Kara-Kata Afrobeat Group, Canada (KAGC)


Kárà-Kátà Afrobeat/Highlife, Afrobeat reggae Group music genre can be called world but we blend effortlessly original Afrobeat, Afrobeat Reggae, Soca, Calypso, Afrobeat gospel, Modern funk, Jazz, Blues, Salsa, Psychedelic rock & Soul. Our musical spice is exotic and inspiring. We celebrate and share the beauty of African/Canadian multiculturalism with dance, music, fashion through our live performances. Although the music is African Origin, but we are 90% of different backgrounds and origins and 10% African. We are truly the world beat. 

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Kárà-Kátà Afrobeat Group, Canada (KAGC) 


KaraKata Afrobeat Society Canada


Yoruba Talking Drummers and Percussionists Worldwide








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