50 acres plus


A passion of our organization is food and farming. Food is a way to connect with people and to learn about different cultures. At our events, we love to share Nigerian cuisine. It is of utmost importance that all people have access to clean, healthy and nutritious food. A major part of this is how our food is farmed. Our 50 Acre Plus Project not only educates and provides farming opportunities, it also creates economic opportunities for the community in Nigeria.

The 50 Acres Plus Project is a Kara-Kata Afrobeat Society Initiative which is about giving back to the society via agriculture. Kara-Kata owns and operates over 200 acres of functioning farmland in Ekiti State, Nigeria, with many different crops. We are also in negotiations to purchase another 250 acres. Our Nigerian team employs over 30 people, many of whom are marginalized including women, widows and LGBTQ. Inclusivity is a key value for us.


  • To educate farmers and the general Nigerian population on the benefits of mechanized organic farming.
  • As this project develops, we will be importing crops from our Nigerian farms to Canada to assist in fostering a relationship between the two countries as well as economic opportunities for all.
  • Empower youth and general population to be self-sufficient both in food and dairy farming.
  • Job creation/economic opportunity both for the prospective farmers, other workers on the farm and the community at large.
  • Solar panel placement is a major part of this project, titled the  “1 Bulb, 1 Socket” We plan to install solar panels in the farm and community. Nigeria has warm weather all year round and constant sun. Entire communities who do not normally have regular power, can utilize this incredible tool which will enrich their lives in infinite ways.
  • Environmental Awareness, as we will also be educating the community on how to keep their environment safe, clean and habitable.
  • Implementation of recycling centres.
  • Creation of a community farm market which will benefit the community by having a clean food source, as well as economic opportunity.
  • The benefits of this project are immense, but most importantly we believe it will empower the youth.
  • All crops are grown organically, and our goal is to eventually import to Canada for sales in local African stores.