Welcome to Kara-kata Afrobeat Society

As a registered non-profit, it’s our passion to serve, educate and bring people together in the community

Who We Are


Kara-Kata Afrobeat Society of Canada is a multicultural/ multi ethnic, fully inclusive group of musicians and artistic dancers/performers. A non-profit society registered in British Columbia since 2017.

We are an inclusive multicultural group, united in our love and respect for all people, no matter their background, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, class or country of origin.

While 90% of band members are not of African descent, they teach, dance and perform original traditional West African Afrobeat and Highlife music, which makes Kara-Kata unique.

For us, Afrobeat music is much more than a combination of sounds, it is deeper and according to J. Ocean Dennie, “There is a spirituality in it, based on traditional African rhythms that are not found in Western music. There’s more behind the sound than just the jiving psychedelic feel that is normally associated with it. There is a truly magical undertone to the beats and melodies that comprise these songs.”

What We Do

Kara-Kata Afrobeat Society Canada, a non-profit organization and Kara-Kata Afrobeat Group, the music arm, seeks to harness the powerful tool of music to promote peace, solidarity, education and community between all people. Since the band’s inception, we have been hosting and participating in multicultural events around British Columbia as well as other Canadian provinces.

We host an annual event called Felabrate, honoring the life and music of Fela Kuti, musician and activist from Nigeria. This event is in conjunction with celebrations around the globe celebrating Fela Kuti in October, his birth month. In addition to our musical events, we also have projects in the area of farming, youth empowerment, community outreach and education in Canada and Africa. Please see our Projects section for more about this