Kara-Kata Africa Village Project – Mission, BC, Canada

Returning to our roots of empowerment through farming and economic opportunity:

Along with an event, retreat and gathering place in nature, KAVP will be a place of uplifting and farming reclamation and education for the African-Canadian community. “Making Africans the next generation of farmers in Canada.” says our founder, Toyin Kayo-Ajayi. This will also be an experimental space for African crops. Herbs, vegetables and natural medicines that are traditional in our culture. Let’s see what we can grow here in our backyard rather than importing everything. Train and become educated in traditional and western farming practices, creating economic opportunities to benefit the community and the farming community at large in Canada.

Along with our community partners across Canada, and in conjunction with the government of Canada Program, our vision of empowering our community through farming, self-sustainability and upholding our traditions will become a reality at KAVP. Once the initial project is in place, we plan to expand by obtaining more farmland in BC and across Canada.

We invite you to join us on this journey through volunteer time and financial contributions.
Connect with us if you want to learn more and participate.

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Summer 2022:

Our team had meetings with MP Matthew Green, a member of the Black Caucus, and the BC Minister of Agriculture and team regarding moving our project forward. Both meetings were fruitful and offered resources for next steps.

Canadian Black Farmers Virtual Conversations, interviews with Nigerian radio stations. Our awareness campaign in ramping up. You can visit our Facebook page for recordings of these interviews.

Lots of physical work on fencing around the property to make more areas for the goat herd to graze.

We welcomed a new research/administrative assistant to our team, Sally Aganabah, brings experience and a fresh perspective to our team. Welcome Sally!

KAVP Updates:

March 2022 KAVP Update:

Two weeks ago, we added 2 Nigerian Dwarf goat babies to our herd from another herd near by in order to mix up the breeding. They have settled in well. 

Two of our pregnant mamas gave birth the week of March 15th. Our biggest goat had 3 babies, and the other one had 1, bringing our herd to 22. We have 3 more pregnant mamas ready to give birth this Spring! 

Over the coming months, we will be working hard to expand our barn to make more space for our growing herd. We will work towards building our greenhouses this Spring/Summer as well and much more!

The 2022 planting and growing season begins soon. Stay tuned for updates…

In the coming months, we will be meeting with our community partners across Canada including Elders, church leaders, business owners to create a plan for reaching out to those who this project is for, to discuss accessing more farm land in their respective areas and to brainstorm and project plan.

Over the Summer of 2021, our goat herd grew from 11 to 16 goats with 5 babies being born between mid August to Mid September (3 females and 2 males). Our breeder male (Olomi), is back on the job and we hope to be welcoming more additions to the herd in the Spring of 2022.

  • We have begun our new barn project, we hope to have it completed by Fall 2022.
  • Our 2021 growing season saw more Amaranth, water leaf and local crops. We are collecting
    some of our own seeds as well.
  • In the growing season of 2020, we had a good crop of Amaranth, water leaf, garden egg,
    bitter leaf, traditional to Nigerian cuisine and natural medicines. Amaranth is also known to grow
    very well in our climate.

We would like to thank the Government of Canada, Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative and the Black Business Initiative for supporting our project.